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A court shoe, known as a pump in American English, embodies a timeless elegance defined by its low-cut front or vamp. Originally inspired by 17th and 18th-century dress shoes embellished with ornate shoe buckles, the evolution of this shoe design reached its zenith in the late 18th century. As the 19th century dawned, the shoe buckle gradually yielded its place to the refined allure of a black bow, a style that has endured as the quintessential choice for men's formal footwear, particularly in the realm of leather or patent leather evening pumps. This variant is occasionally referred to as an opera pump or opera slipper.

The crafting of pumps follows a simple yet meticulous process. A single piece of whole-cut leather forms the upper, boasting a discreet vamp that is either lined with plush quilted silk or sleek plain leather, tastefully accented by braid trimming along the opening. The sole, constructed entirely from leather, can be affixed using adhesive in more budget-friendly models, while premium bespoke options employ the traditional approach of stitching, accomplished by skilfully lifting a thin flap of leather at the periphery to conceal and secure the stitching beneath.

Currently our fabulous boots are from brands by Caprice, Carmela, Xti, Alpe, NeroGiardini, Tamaris, Lunar & Marco Tozzi.

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