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Gorgeous chocolate brown ankle boots by Caprice...comfy & super stylish too!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Hello everyone! Introducing one of our best-selling CAPRICE boots the Kelli ankle boot in chocolate brown leather! Available today in all sizes.

A pinnacle of style, comfort, and versatility in ankle footwear! Elevate your fashion game with these chic and timeless boots that seamlessly blend modern trends with classic sophistication.

Crafted with precision, the top part of the boot is made from elasticated micro fiber that creates a seamless fit around the ankle making sure there is no gap between your ankle and the boot. The supple leather embraces your feet providing a snug yet comfortable fit and the sleek design complements both casual and formal ensembles, making them a must-have for any wardrobe.

The boot easily transitions from day to night, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

Walk with confidence knowing that every step is supported by a well-crafted sole that ensures both durability and comfort. We love them in the dark brown colour that allows you to express your individuality while staying on trend.

Experience optimal comfort with the CAPRICE AIRMOTION footbed featuring up to 300 air-filled hemispheres per shoe for efficient air circulation and superior shock absorption. This innovative technology not only prevents fatigue but also creates a delightful climate within your footwear, ensuring a pleasant and supportive experience with every step.

Embrace the epitome of style and quality with Kelli, a fashion-forward statement that encapsulates the essence of contemporary footwear. Elevate your stride, embrace timeless elegance, and make a lasting impression with these CAPRICE Kelli ankle boots priced at £99.99! Also available in black patent leather and black nappa leather.

CAPRICE stands for innovation, blending tradition with an unwavering commitment to innovation, setting the brand apart as forward-thinking shoe manufacturers. Their pursuit of excellence goes beyond the ordinary, evident in the distinctive difference you feel when you step into a pair of CAPRICE shoes. Dedicated to elevating comfort to new heights, they continually push boundaries, introducing cutting-edge 3D technologies into their collection development process. This marks a significant milestone in their journey of innovation and perfection, allowing to create footwear that not only embraces time-honored craftsmanship but also integrates the latest advancements for an unparalleled experience.

Experience the synergy of tradition and innovation with CAPRICE – where each step reflects commitment to setting new standards and enhancing your comfort in every stride. Browse our extensive collection of CAPRICE shoes & boots now on our website or visit us at our Westbourne Bournemouth shoe boutique to try on yours!

Look forward seeing you soon!

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