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Sizing Guide

Our fabulous ladies footwear is from top designers like Caprice, Carmela, Xti, Alpe, NeroGiardini, Tamaris, Alma en Pena, Lunar and Marco Tozzi.  These chosen brands mainly size in European sizing due to their origins.

So our sizing guide below is 
here to assist you in finding the right shoe size.  

If you
have any questions about fit or sizing on a specific style then please contact our fabulous team via email, our Get in Touch page, our WebChat or call us on 01202 761 984 - they have tried on 95% of the styles we carry for fit advice, and they'll be happy to help anytime...we really want to help you find the right shoes for you!

For peace of mind we even offer Free Returns.

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Caprice shoes are available in UK sizes 3.5 to 8, that's EU sizing 36 to 42.  Most styles are produced in half sizes. 

Caprice shoes tend to come up slightly on the larger side, so we would suggest purchasing the next size down to get the correct fit, so when a 1/2 size down is available then we suggest that.  

Please see conversion chart below below.

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Apart from Caprice, all of our other fabulous brands including Carmela, Xti, Alpe, NeroGiardini, Tamaris, Alma en Pena, Lunar and Marco Tozzi are available in UK sizes 3 to 8, EU sizing 36 to 41. They do not produce any shoes in half sizes. 

Sizing is True to Size on all brands apart from Caprice.

Please see conversion chart below .

What is my UK & EU shoe size?
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How to measuring your feet?

Wondering how to measure your feet accurately? Follow these four simple steps in the comfort of your own home:

  1. Gather a Tape Measure and a Heavy Book – that's all you need!

  2. Remove your shoes and tights or socks, placing your foot so that the heel touches the wall.

  3. Position a heavy book parallel to the wall, sliding it up to your longest toe (you may want a little assistance).

  4. Without moving the book or the wall, measure the distance in millimeters between them using the tape measure. Record your measurement.

Don't forget to measure the other foot, as they often differ in size. With your measurements in hand, consult our UK to EU size guide above our contact our fabulous team via email, our Get in Touch page or our WebChat facility...we will even call you back and talk it through with you. 


Always use the larger foot measurement when making a purchase—for example, if one foot measures a size 6 and the other a size 7, opt for the larger size.


Happy shoe shopping!

What is all this UK & EU sizing all about?

The roots of the UK shoe sizing system trace back to the 13th Century when King Edward II established a measurement unit known as a barleycorn, equivalent to 1/3 inch (8.46mm). This unit has been pivotal in determining shoe sizes, working backward from a UK 13 (12-inch foot measurement). For instance, if your foot measures 11.67 inches, your size would be UK 12, and if it measures 11.33 inches, you'd be a UK 11. This historical system is still widely utilised today, though many shoes available in the UK are crafted using EU lasts.

In continental Europe, the internal length of shoes, referred to as last length, is expressed in Paris points, measuring 2/3cm (6.67mm) between sizes. However, a notable discrepancy arises when comparing this with the UK system. For example, the gap between an EU 36 and 37 is 6.67mm, whereas the difference between a UK 3 and 4 is 8.46mm. Consequently, there is no perfect alignment between EU and UK sizes across the entire range from UK 3-15 and EU 35-50.

To address this challenge, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has provided a comprehensive conversion table that we have used as the basis of our sizing guide above. 

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