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Kicking off spring with these scrumptious western boots by Alpe of Spain!

Hello everyone!

One of our first spring & summer styles has arrived and it is from one of our fabulous Spanish brands Alpe!

The Cherise Western boot, now gracing the shelves at House of Heels. Immerse yourself in the allure of this trendsetting boot, meticulously crafted in the Artisan Alpe factory nestled in the heart of Spain, Santa Cruz del Retamar.

The Cherise is more than a boot; it's a style statement waiting to happen
The Alpe Cherise Western Boot

The Cherise is more than a boot; it's a style statement waiting to happen. With its enchanting light tan hue, this fabulous boot  promises limitless styling possibilities that seamlessly blend with various colour palettes. Whether paired with floaty dresses, skirts, or your favourite pair of jeans, the Cherise is destined to steal the spotlight.

Alpe Woman Shoes

Elevate your fashion game with an 8 cm heel that adds a touch of sophistication without compromising on comfort. The spongy insole ensures each step feels like a dream, making these boots perfect for both fashion and function. As if that weren't enough, the outer side boasts exquisite embroidery, infusing the Cherise with unparalleled character and style.

Convenience meets chic with the double pull-on tabs, making slipping into these Western wonders a breeze. Embrace the fusion of comfort and flair, as the Cherise by Alpe at House of Heels takes you on a journey where every step is a stylish stride. This boot isn't just a footwear choice; it's a fashion-forward adventure waiting to unfold! 

We look forward to showing you these boots in store or order your pair now for £129.00 on the website at

Here's a bit more information on the remarkable history of the the Cowboy Boot...

Cowboy boots have a cool history that goes back to the mid-1800s in North America. They were first made for cowboys and ranchers because they were practical and tough. Now, they're a big part of Western fashion.

Cowboy boots have a special style with a Cuban heel, a pointed toe, a high shaft, and usually no laces. They are usually made of cowhide leather, but sometimes they're made from other animals like crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, and buffaloes.

Long ago, people made boots by hand in different styles. Cowboy boots were influenced by Spanish traditions and military boots for cavalry riders. Later, with the industrial revolution, some boots were mass-produced. One popular style, the Wellington boot, was liked by cowboys in the USA until the 1860s.

Early cowboy boots were plain, but as custom boots became popular, cowboys asked for fancy stitching, cutouts, and different materials. Wild west shows and movies also influenced the style. Modern cowboy boots come in many colours and can be made from almost any animal's skin, even exotic ones like alligator and ostrich. Cowboys sometimes wear spurs on their boots to cue horses while riding.

The first cowboy boots were probably made by shoemakers who changed traditional European riding boots to be better for cowboys. These boots had tall shafts to protect the legs, pointed toes for easy stirrup access, and high heels for stability while riding. During the cattle drive era from 1866 to 1884, cowboys didn't want to ruin good dress boots while working, but some had decorative boots for town. The cowboy boot style spread in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Cowboy boots were helpful for riding. The smooth sole made it easy to put the foot in and out of the stirrup. The tall heel prevented the foot from sliding forward in the stirrup, which could be dangerous. The tall shaft also protected the leg from brush, thorns, and snakes.

Modern roper-style boots with a low heel and shorter shaft were made for rodeos, where cowboys needed to run and tie calves. They were cheaper and easier to take off. Roper boots have a lace-up design for ankle support, but it has safety issues.

There are two main styles of cowboy boots: western (classic) and roper. The classic style has a tall shaft and a cowboy heel. The roper style has a lower shaft and a walking heel. Western boots can have different toe shapes, but the classic design is usually narrow and pointed.

Cowboy boots became popular all over the American West and not just among cowboys. They became a symbol of the tough and independent spirit of the frontier.

As time passed, cowboy boots changed in style. Different parts of the West had their own boot styles, like pointed toes in Texas and rounded toes in California. Decorative stitching, fancy leather work, and exotic materials like snakeskin and alligator became common.

Today, people all over the world wear cowboy boots as a fashion statement to show their individuality and connection to Western culture. Whether you're a rodeo star or a rock star, cowboy boots are still a beloved symbol of the American West.

Lots of love

Jo ❤️

Kicking off spring with these scrumptious western boots by Alpe Woman Shoes of Spain!

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